Sweet Insomnia.

Do you ever have days that are so good that you don’t want to go to sleep because then it has to end at least for now? 

Like when you don’t want to leave the table at the end of the meal, or the theater at the end of the movie or the car at the end of the night.  

You’ve been there, I know. 🙂

There was coffee in the pot this morning because Jaz descended on the Cottage like an angel bearing Simon and Garfunkel records, and poems, and Trader Joe’s absolutely everything.

And Michelle is a week or so from delivering her baby boy and is in good care with the doctors and managed to take a moment to text her friend this morning so she could be eager and excited with her even half a state, give or take, away.

And Heather celebrated her bday on a cruise which is actually pretty perfect for someone who works so dang hard, always, and has earned, literally and figuratively, her day in the sun.  
And Alison shopped for a dress for the day she marries Andrew and we found some that come at least close to being as stunning as the person wearing it.  And we ate a meatball sandwich with bread *made of spaghetti* and yes this is a real thing and yes it was almost certainly as divine as it sounds.

And Ashley and Jackie celebrated 30ths with a houseful of just good people and somehow  Rachel and me were the ones sent with Pecan Caramel and Apple pies, which just might be breakfast tomorrow thanks to aforementioned Jaz and the Coffee.

And Jessica gave birth to a wonderful baby boy when it seems like just yesterday we were talking in an Elk Grove coffee shop about how they were finally expectin, after months of hoping and waiting and wondering. Welcome to the world, little Keegan Charney. You’ll like it here, I think..

Because there are even more delicious moments and good days to come, (I remind myself), and it is not the last great meal at the table, nor the last time we’ll see the movie, nor the last time we’ll stay up late dream-talking in the car, we can be sure. 

So perhaps it’s time to close the book on the day and sleep for now, and perhaps theres not much left to say, in the end, besides thank you, thank you, thank you, and, Good morning. ☀️


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