I don’t usually take life advice from pizza boxes, but-

There is precisely one takeout pizza box I will remember for all of life, because it was the most profound statement I’d seen in the history of pizza boxes:


Enjoy Your Delicious Moments.

Or rather, Enjoy Your Delicious Moments!

I stumbled upon this box from a pizza spot (now closed) in Pasadena quite a few years back and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since. Arguably it’s the ONLY pizza box that I can quote from, besides educated guesses about what a Papa johns pizza box would say, i.e. Better ingredients, better pizza.  And I totally get the self-promotion, John, but I gotta hand it to the box that’s trying to help us live in some sort of pizza-fueled self-actualized way.

So, delicious moments.  Simple concept, right? Those brief windows of time where life is just…good, but better than good, deeper than good,higher than good, greater than good.  Times where life just feels…full. savory. succulent. juicy.  satisfying.  quenching. nourishing.


There are days when one cool thing happens and days when like, 37 cool things happen. And  I’m supposed to be asleep right now but my mind’s racing with everything life, and especially, with some delicious moments.

 Earlier today I had a (text) conversation with my friend Dana in Wisconsin where she mentioned reading about the year prior, when I’d come out to visit, in her journal. Turns out she writes almost every single day, just quick notes about what happened the day prior. Kinda cool, right? I know that sounds simple, but I think it’s kinda wild, too…taking that little time to note what’s actually happening around us.  We always know we’ll remember the big things, but what about those little things that were great for a few seconds or minutes, but really don’t add up much in the scheme of life? Those things that kinda tickle you in the moment, then rescind gradually as your life fills up with whatever else is going on tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. 

I want to remember more of those little things, at least better than I normally do . Not all of them, cause that’s impossible, but at least a few of those great tiny moments that make up a good day.  

But I should be clear that life isn’t all delicious moments, not today or ever. 🙂  Like most/all of us, there are a few things that are downright unsettling or, to go with the taste analogy further, a few things that are rather bitter or bland right now…Relationships that feel out of touch or rocky, bills waiting to be paid, to-do’s I’m behind on, people I’m afraid I’ve hurt out of inconsideration or immaturity.  I say this to say, it’s not all delicious and it’s never all delicious.  Lest any of us think everyone else is living a perfect shiny Instagram life at every single moment. They’re not.

That said though, a few delicious moments of a regular Wednesday:

..when there was Yogi tea in bed before work,  because I got up on time for once 🙂

..when there was still a few bites left of a chocolate donut with coconut and it was the best possible amuse bouche to real breakfast

..when watching a 6 min video from one of our clients with people who were literally living under bridges for months or YEARS, and who are now part of a volunteer team that brings food, clothes and actual, you know, friendship, to people in the same boat.  Resistance to tearing up at my desk was futile. 

.. when Vern, retired 90+(?)  former maintenance man showed up at work…and reminded me of when Travis and I pranked Alison by forging a letter from him that insisted she remove her birthday decorations IMMEDIATELY in compliance with our new company branding protocol. It was the best.

..when Randi unexpectedly dropped love advice at work and shared the super unusual story of how she met her now-husband

..when Heather bought me and Chloe coffee and we got to just be non-work-y people together for a few 🙂 

..when the email came out about CHURROS DOWNSTAIRS and we all completely vultured them, without hesitation or shame.

..when he had me come right out and SAY it at long last and it felt surprisingly fantastic

..when I randomly quoted one line of Drake and Vicoria filled  in the next without missing a beat

..when my JOB (ok, technically pro bono PA duty) was to buy/make awesome jewelry for gorgeous Kesha to rock this weekend for the film shoot. 

..when that lady reached out and wanted to order 15 necklaces for Christmas presents and I don’t even know how she found us…

..when Dave showed me the cabin for big bear and its woodsy heaven 😍

..when we were all just  sitting in the family room talking + Lauren playing with my hair  (love language)

..and when he reached out about today and I hoped again that things would be alright and good


Really, it was just an ordinary day, today –  Not much that will be remembered in a few weeks or months from now, but so many little moments that were fleetingly, deliciously sweet.

I feel like  that pizza box knows what it’s talking about. 


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