Panic and alcohol prayers.

It’s 2:37 am right now and I’m finally hitting that first wave of panic.

Four days ago I learned some big changes are ahead, changes that impact me and everyone I work with in a not very small way. After shock/processing/ice cream/shock/compulsive cleaning/booze/processing –  reality and a bit of panic are finally starting to sink in. 

This weekend I updated my resume and was actually feeling pretty decent about it until I started combing through LinkedIn.  Mistake.  If on our bad days Facebook gets us thinking our lives might not be cool/popular/awesome enough LinkedIn can quickly get you thinking you probably should be working at a Fortune100 company in middle management by now or some sexy startup in LA where the dress code is apparently designer denim and cute cropped motorcycle jackets and everyone looks like they walked out of an issue of Kinfolk, or for all the normal people who don’t know what Kinfolk is, looked like they walked out of some place super cool and maybe inadvertently pretentious. Maybe you start frantically wondering why didn’t you get promoted every 5.7 months and why aren’t you involved in more professional organizations and what exactly do you want to DO anyway and if you knew, would a company you’re excited about actually want to hire you and what if you end up living under a bridge or with 27 roommates for the next ten years and oh God —

Or you know, wherever your 2am mind goes with it. 🙂 

And as I’m trying to sleep amidst the pinball worried thoughts bouncing around in my brain, for no reason I can think of, one of Jim’s many great lines from The Office pops into my head, oddly apt for the moment, I guess: 

Lord beer me strength.

And it becomes my panicked little prayer for now, all I can think to say at the moment. Lord beer me strength. Please beer me strength. 

And maybe also wine me strength. Yeah, that would be wonderful.

And heck, cocktail me strength. I would not say no to that.

Really, I will pretty much take all the strength I can get, booze-related or otherwise.



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