For Dama, happy birthday

It was almost a year ago, at their new home, just months before they got married.  We were celebrating Dama’s 29th.  I’d only been there long enough for someone to grab a wine glass to get me a drink, except the glass slipped and shattered and somehow a piece flew into my hand, surprisingly, ouch.  I tried to act calm as it started to bleed because who wants to be the party guest who is not only bleeding, but freaking out about it to boot.  Dama breaks away from her guests to first aid me because, you know, that’s what Dama would do.  Take care of you, no matter what.

I go back downstairs to mingle, snack, karaoke because it’s Dama and you know there’s gonna be singing or dancing or both, and that you’re going to have a great time with it, because, you know, that’s what Dama will do: make sure you’re having fun. Suddenly the music switches to Hey Soul Sister, which I learn will be their first dance at the wedding, and they jump right in to their choreography, which is actually quite good. So there’s Brian and Dama, so happy with each other, in sync, so purely joyful as they danced with each other, caught eyes, as Brian scooped her up and kissed her. Their love simply radiates between them.  It’s enough to make you shed a few happy tears, as you’re reminded that love is real, kind, full of joy; as you rejoice over two great people finding each other and building a richer, sweeter life together. 

They invite me to stay the night, because they know I have a long drive and because, like Taylor Swift, we know the beauty of a good sleepover. So here I am spending the night as their first nonfamily houseguest, feeling honored to be here, feeling loved as they’re so good at doing, feeling safe and at home, here among Dama and Brian and their dawning new life together.

In the morning before they wake up, I go to the fridge for some breakfast, opened the fridge and there was this red row of BabyBel cheese, and I can’t tell you why, but it’s just the sweetest thing to see.  That’s when it dawned on me on some happy odd way that Dama and Brian are making a home here, together, based on a darling  idiosyncratic love, the kind of love that looks like making sure the fridge is stocked with a favorite cheese, because isn’t life just better and more fun that way, when you pay attention to the little details, when you make a point to savor those delicious moments? Isn’t that the best way to start a new life together, with a fridge full of happy little red-wrapped cheese? 

Happy birthday, Dama.  Safe to say we love you just as much as cheese. Which is to say, tremendously.  🙂



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