Rules of NY (Take 2)

disclaimer, i wrote most of this on the weekend and didn’t bother to use proper capitalization. i figured that was allowed, kind of like the literary equivalent of wearing sweats all day. the rules are different on the weekend. 

i had to pause from recounting dating adventures in NY because, well, that was a few months ago and a bit has happened since then. 

i’d still like to finish recapping that first trip, but for the moment, suffice it to say it was a mental reset, transitioning from work mind to sabbatical mind; lovely, energizing, unexpected, risky, novel, relationally rich.  in june, after i’d been back a few weeks in LA, i started wondering how i might return.   and it was fairly easy to justify another visit: i could sublet my room and rent out my car to help cover expenses.  aaron and caty would be on summer vacation so i’d get more time with them.  the weather would still be pleasant. perhaps i could finally see the rest of new england. some dear friends in pittsburgh and chicago could be visited. and after all, when else might i have the freedom and flexibility to just up and travel for another few weeks? i really wanted to go, and that seemed reason enough. settled.

so i planned, scrimped and pulled out every travel/life-hack i have (these will be forthcoming in case these hacks can help you, too) and i pulled the trigger on the trip.  july 22-sept 17; seattle, toronto, detroit,  new york, new england, pennsylvania, illinois, wisconsin.  that might sound obscene, but everything’s so much closer together on this side of the country. if you’re like me and want to see all 50 states (or if you just feel really awesome when you cross into a new state, the east is a field day.)   

fast forward to present, and from here on out i have 10 more days to spend in NY, with a new england roadtrip in the middle.  this will be my last long trip here for awhile, and likely the last time i’m here so mentally unfettered, so i hope to live this time for all it’s worth.  that’s why i made a few simple ground rules for this time around:

i will:
…actually listen to “welcome to New York” while wandering around.  even if you don’t like taylor, how could you not, at least once?
…venture into Brooklyn more…
…have a bucket list early on, though it’s subject to change…
…get intentional with making plans with Aaron and Caty because the days fly by…
…improve my dishwashing initiative and effectiveness… 
…take time for reflection; note life as it’s lived…

…and i will not:
…worry about spending money.  (within reason, you can always get more money, right?)…
…lose my 1 month unlimited Metro card partway through and have to buy a new one…
…fall hard for any guys here…
…spill any more rice pudding in my purse.

so let’s do this.




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