Today, I Learned a New Drug (Or, Some Math Terms + Jay-Z)

Tonight is night 10 in New York.  *As an aside, now that I’ve actually counted the nights, holy COW did that time go fast. (This is one quick example of why data can enable better decisions in business and life, because now that I have quantified my number of nights, I’m acutely aware that this time is passing QUICKLY and I’m all the more eager to make the most of it.)

The quick passage of time brings me to this moment, sitting in the IMMENSELY comfortable guest bed at the little Harlem Home (working title for the current digs) and it’s 3:27 am EST.  If I had to approximate an average (and you saw how I feel about data, so I definitely do) I’d guess that over these past 10 nights, I’ve been going to sleep at 3:01am on average. And in case you’re a very savvy data consumer and you’re wondering if that average is based on normal, respectable 11pm sleep times thrown off by one or two outlier 5am crazy party nights, you’re incorrect, though I appreciate your incisive analysis AND the fact that you assume I might be doing some 5am partying. Not the case. To REALLY nerd out, I’d say that even with an average of 3:01am, the Sleep Time mode is still probably 2:45am, meaning that if you looked at all the sleep times over these 10 days, 2:45 would come up most frequently.

So, you see what I mean, right?  In honor of my two math teacher hosts, I’m trying to say that, basically, I can’t seem to get to sleep at a halfway reasonable hour here in NY.  Not because of all the wild partying (obvi) but because I just physically CAN’T seem to call it a night here in the little Harlem Home.  Once Aaron and Caty go to bed (at normal hours) I get this wild smorgasbord of feelings that inevitably keeps my mind whirring for the next couple hours:

The wild thoughts include some variety of:

“I’m in New York City!”

“I’m in a lovely little apartment!!”

“I’m on an adventure!!!”

“I have no job!!!!”

“What should I do tomorrow!!!????”

“What the heck is happening!?!??!!??!”

And, of course:  “Holy sh!t, what am I doing!?!?!”

So day in and day out, somewhere around midnight I get this rush of excitement/joy/terror/glee/hyperactivity that can’t stop, won’t stop for at least a couple hours. And somewhere around 2 or 3 am, the NYC-themed song lyrics pop in my head: “…the city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien.”  Ambien being a popular sleeping pill.  (If you’re reading this and you recognize where this lyric is from, you should definitely comment somewhere so I can give you tons of mental street cred.  You can even just leave any sort of random letter/number/comment as a cryptic (or should I say Crip-tic) code and and I’ll know what’s up.)

And when this delightful song pops into my head, I think – too true, Jay-Z, the city does NOT seem to sleep, and I WOULD like an Ambien. (Except I’ve heard from a couple women that Ambien makes them CRAZY, so I change my mind that it’s best to skip the Ambien.)

But only remembering this single line, I look up the lyrics to get some context:

“MDMA got you feeling like a champion-

The city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien.”

And WHAT is MDMA, you ask? Well, friends, MDMA is our Drug of the Day!  Because if you looked at MDMA, like me, and thought perhaps it had something to do with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) or the American Disability Act (ADA) you’d be completely wrong!  MDMA = ecstasy. Says Wikipedia, just now.  And I have to chuckle at that, because now that we’ve solved for x, when we substitute this back into our equation (the song) it’s funny, because although my drug experience is pretty nil, my experience with the English language suggests that it’s pretty conceivable a drug called ecstasy WOULD make you feel like a champion.

So here I am, sitting in bed, passing the 4am mark yet again, but at least I can say:  I learned something today.  I learned a new drug today.  So goodnight everyone, stay hungry and keep learning.

Author’s note: I thought capturing these thoughts would help me sleep, but now it’s almost 6:30 am and it didn’t help at all. So I’m wondering if that’s what I get for trying to teach you about drugs.

***Authors other note: I just remember something rather surprising and awkward happened at 1:45am that involved running from a stranger so maybe I’m all riled up from that and this is not unfortunate drug knowledge karma. Will get into that incident at a later date.


One thought on “Today, I Learned a New Drug (Or, Some Math Terms + Jay-Z)

  1. I love you and your new blog Megs. I’d expect nothing less than a hip hop reference 3 posts in! 😉

    When you get back to CA we should meet up. I’d love to hear more about your new life in person.

    Liked by 1 person

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