The First Day I Had No Job (aka, Welcome to Funemployment)

Hey everyone!  Today’s the start of a little adventure (though I’d argue that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re on an adventure as well) – and knowing this adventure won’t last forever, I wanted to document the journey.  There’s a whole backstory to how I got here that I’ll get into later, but the short of it is, today is Day 1, Jobless Journey of Meaning, Exploration and Overall Awesomeness Seeking. Or like my dear friend Josh says, today’s Day 1 of being “Funemployed.”

Let me run the Sparknotes version by you just so you know what the heck I’m talking about:

Two months and one day ago, I left my really wonderful job at a really swell company, took a few weeks off, and did some fun and lovely things I couldn’t do back when I was working full-time in an office. Then I went back to work at the same really swell company on a part-time contract basis for another month and still squeezed in some fun and lovely things I couldn’t do back when I was working full-time in an office. Then 8 days ago I said goodbye (again) to my really wonderful coworkers at said swell company, spent an exhilarating but highly uncomfortable night in LAX and took a 6am flight to NYC where I’ll be living with my brother and his girlfriend for 5 weeks.  Then 1 day ago I said goodbye (for real this time! 3rd time’s a charm) to swell company because my contract term ended. You’d think closing this chapter would be easy since I basicaly did it twice before in the last 60 days.  But you’d be off-base. Waving goodbye to the people, the title, the comfort, having an income, having a resume with a  current position on it…it’s still tough. But here we are today, Day 1 that I am 100% unemployed, which I say cavalierly but can actually still be minorly terrifying when I start overthinking it.

So, as the adventure begins, I have a few goals for this blog.  First off, to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Nope, that’s a joke.  First and foremost, to capture the sights, sounds, adventures, mishaps and general musings that arise from this jobless time. I want to force myself to collect and contemplate what happens in this time, rather than guzzling down life like it’s some Big Gulp Slurpee instead of a fine wine. Secondly, I hope to encourage, amuse and/or inspire anyone reading this who thinks life can be all the more interesting, beautiful, magical when it’s lived a little off the beaten path.   Thirdly, and here’s where it gets a little more real, I hope to share more openly and vulnerably than I ever have, as a bit of an experiment in authenticity. Much of my life to this point has been dedicated to doing the ‘right’ thing, trying to be the ‘right’ way, trying to win favor and acceptance but secretly (or not so secretly) being pretty terrified that if people REALLY knew who I was, they’d reject me. But the more I learn about life, the more signs point to how important it is for us to be vulnerable, to open ourselves up to said rejection and to let people know and love us for who we really are.

So, here goes!  Wishing you all the best in your day today.  I’ll say it again – I think you’re on your own beautiful adventure yourself, and I hope your day reminds you of it in some small or not small way. 🙂


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